Are you fed up of watching movies which contains 4 songs , 4 fights, 4 comedy scenes, people flying in air, hero speaks punch dialogues etc,,,,????… then yaavarum nalam is a must watch movie.

The story revolves around the newly bought house which is in the 13th floor. 30 years ago a set of pepople live there happily,, unfortunately a guy kills all the people due to some personal problem. After that incident,, a new apartment was constructed and our hero buys that house and live there with the full family. Right from the day one they enter the house something happens strange. The spirits of the 8 people who are killed 30 years ago lives in the house and do all kind of strange things. For Example,, exactly at 1 pm,,, the t.v will switch on automatically and a tele-serial named yaavarum nalam will be telecasted,, and what ever is shown in that serial , the same things will happen in next few minutes in hero’s home,, at  a point of time, hero used to watch the serial and try to predict the future and save his family members,,,the movie comes to an end when the needs of the spirits are fulfilled by hero after killing the guy who killed those 8 people 30 years ago.

Maddy’s performance was simple superb,,, and hats off to the director vikram kumar for coming up with such a different movie,,screen play was great and the suspense was maintained till the last minute. P.C Sriram’s cinematography was excellent and again proved that he is the master:-). Background music was good,, and songs are un necessary but still they are short and sweet. Good job by shankar essan roy.

Heroine is imported from bollywood,, named neethu, did her part well,,and apart from her,, all the actors did justice to their role given to them.

There was only one flaw,, that is,, everyday the entire family see the tele-serial,, but they were un aware that what all is happening in that serial is happening in their own house…:-)

Apart from this tamil version,, it is also releasing as 13 B in hindi,,, i think in hindi it might become a huge hit as thoese people like this type of movies.

once again thanks to maddy for coming up with such a nice movie.

Hope other movie makers think something out of the box and come up with movies like this.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75 days

My Ratings:70/100

Verdict: Hit

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