Siva Manasula Sakthi ( SMS )

It is one of the highly promoted movie of the year :-),,,we can spot paper ad’s and print ad’s very frequently,,,inspite of high promotion, the movie does live up to the expectation.

Its a usual love story,, that is poor guy falling in love on a rich gal,, and everything happens as usual,,after kushi this movie can be said as feel good movie,, jeeva’s performance is good,,, and did his part well,, new face anuya did a good job,,

The major plus of the movie is the comedy,, right from scene one to last scene comedy plays a major role and dialogues are very realistic,after a long time santhanam’s comedy is good and urvashi as hero’s mother did really well,,

Guest appearance of arya was unexpected,,,:-) we can see charming arya after seeing him ugly in naan kadavul.

yuvan’s background music is good,,, but other than 3 songs,, rest of the songs are not good. And songs choreography  is not up to level.

This movie is a good treat for lover’s and multiplex audience,, no idea about how other class audience are going to respond to this usual love story.

There are some fresh scenes in this movie like,,, gal proposing to hero  inside the TASMAC bar:-) and climax was funny 🙂

on the whole its a nice movie which can be seen once,, that too after seeing masala movie like villu or serious movie like naan kadavul,,, this movie is a right choice to relax ourself,,:-) Hats off to the debut director rajesh for doing a gr8 job.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 70 days

Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:65/100

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  1. arey says:

    very nice post

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