Naan  Kadavul was in production stage for the past 4 years,,intially vikram was supposed to play the lead role,,then it went on to suriya followed by ajith,,ajith started growing long hair and changed his getup for this movie,, but unfortunately he backed up from this project and the offer was made to Arya,,the same thing happened in the case of heroine too,, initially it was bhavana followed by karthikaga and finally the role was offered to pooja.

Story wise,, there is nothing new,,, father due to astrological superstition,, have to be away from his son for 14 years,, so he decide to leave his son in kasi.Arya grows in kasi,, after 14 years,,Arya’s father goes back to kasi and bring him back to home.This is the general outline of the story.

As far as bala’s movie is concerned,, we cant blame any actor/actress for acting,,, all people acted well,,especially pooja did really well in the last 20 mins,, i think she might win national award.:-),,Arya too did a decent job and i think no one other than him can do this role. Apart from pooja and arya,, there are many physically disabled persons acted(lived) in this movie.

First half was dead slow,,, it was like seeing documentary movie,, and some scenes seem to be repeating frequently.

second half was good when compared to first half,,, and last 20 minutes was the climax and it was entirely stolen by pooja.

Illiyaraja did a gr8 job,, songs and background music was perfect,, authur wilson’s cinematography was good,,

Though it contains lot good things to talk about,, the screenplay spoiled the entire movie,, it was dam bad,,, and never expected such a screen play from bala.

Few Disappointments:

First of all as i said early movie was too slow,, few scenes seem to be repeating like set of beggars get up in the morning,, have their food,, go to their respective position near the temple for their daily collection,, after the duty they come back to the place where they live,,, have food laugh for some time and sleep. This is what happens till the climax comes 🙂

Arya doesn’t have a meaty role,,, though he is portrayed as human god,,, he comes in few scenes and disappears:-)

There is a limit for everything,, if a movie is serious for 10 or 20 mins,, then its ok,, but if the entire movie is taken in a serious way,, then its something wrong 🙂

Comical dialogues which comes in the movie is really good,, i think bala can take a full fledged comedy movie for a change instead of taking serious movies like Naan Kadavul 🙂

Too much of anything is good for nothing,,, this proverb suits for this movie,, bala showed the life of beggers in all the possible ways,, but the end result is that audience had the effect of seeing a documenty movie based on poor and begger people of slum areas 🙂

Dont know what happened to the two people killed by Arya,,police too didnt react to it 🙂

Big confusion prevails after the movie gets over,, the confusion is that,, whether god is there or not?????,,As per naan kadavul,, the answer is ‘No’ for it,,the movie says that human beings are god,, if that is the case,, yuthara god(Arya) too didnt do anything gr8,, he smokes ganja,, runs here and there,, at times do some asana’s and sit in one place,, and in the climax he kills the blind gal and go back to kasi 🙂

Some scenes seem to be very cruel,, which cant be seen by soft hearten people,, this movie is only for people who have strong mind to see all these things…

People who are not advised to see the movie:

  • soft hearten people
  • multiplex audience
  • ladies
  • kids

I think the censor board should have given A A certificate instead of U/A 🙂

when compared to bala’s previous movies like sethu,nandha,pithamagan,,, naan kadavul is nothing,,:-)

Though the movie might get some awards,, it wont satisfy all the movie lovers ,,,directors who are going to direct such movies please release the movie in some film festival and get some awards and run away somewhere,, dont release it in theatres and make the audience fool 🙂

I can talk lots about this movie,,but still i respect bala’s hard work which he have taken ,,, if he could have concentrated on screenplay then it would have been better.

To put it in one word,, Naan Kadavul is mere reality  movie without any screenplay magic( documentary movie)

My Ratings: 55/100

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 70 days

verdict: Average ( According to me ) 🙂

Thank God Thala Ajith didnt act in this movie and waste 3 solid years,, and as a fan i dont like to see him in such a manner,,, gr8 escape by Ajith,, i must thank kadavul bala for leaving ajith :-),,

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