Its a movie similar to chennai-28, lee, and other sports related movies.  7 ordinary guys in a town play kabadi from their childhood,, later they form a team and participate in tournaments,, as usual they make some comedy  in all matches and end result will be negative,, though they play well, they lack in self confidence,, all of a sudden a trainer comes and rescue the team and makes it to win the tournament. To put it in one word its tamil version of king khan’s “chake de India”.

Its a movie which has many new faces and only saranya mohan is the only familiar face,, but all acted naturally and made their impact on the screen.

First half was very slow,, the director should have cut down few scenes in the begining which were very long and irritating.  saranya’s part make us to remember subramaniapuram movie,,,though she speaks less,,, she did a decent job.

Second half was good till climax,,,,but the climax is a huge disappointment,, all of a sudden they will kill the hero and finish the movie,, and they wont show how the hero dies,, i think director tried out negative climax,, but the beauty is that tamil audience dont like these type of climax,,, if he kept a positive ending climax then the movie would have been another blockbuster like paruthiveeran and subramaniapuram. But still the movie is enjoyable in parts and some flaws are there in screen play. Being a new director we can appriciate his hard work. Hope he comes out with superb movie next time.

verdict: Average

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 40 days

My ratings: 50/100

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  1. Dei, who asked you to tell the climax and all ? Should have told climax was disappointing. You told the whole climax itself. Mani has seen it, i am planning to see it this week, if it gets released.

    • deepan100 says:

      dai,,,, edho arava kolaralu la climax a solitan,, but its good movie,, other than climax,, i think they might change the climax to positive one soon 🙂 thats the usual thing in tamil cinema na:-)

  2. Partha says:

    Who said Paruthiveeran and Subramaniapuram had a positive climax – even those had a tragic end.

  3. adhi says:

    hey did u know that film was a blockbuster and comedies were a huge hit.

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