English movie inspired by a novel written by indian author, the story is fully based on mumbai slum. Its all about how a guy from mumbai slum manages to win the ” who want to be the next millionaire” competition. The best thing is that the hero answer’s all the question easily by recollecting his real life incidents which happened rite from his childhood. The best thing in this movie is the screen play,, in my life i have never seen such a great screen play,, AR Rehman’s back ground score and songs were mind blowing,,, no wonder he got golden globe award and being nominated for 3 oscar awards,, and i am sure he will bring oscar award to India,, days are not too far 🙂

Indian actor’s like anil kapoor , imran khan did a decent job,, and gr8 acting by all kids and teen age ppl,, i dont know abt the names of the three kids,, but they acted naturally and gave life to the story.

on the whole its a gr8 movie and in fact its the best movie which i have seen in my life. Dont miss it,, do watch it immediately 🙂


If foreign director and technicians can come up with a superb movie based on India, why cant Indian directors do the same????????and the worst part is that its inspired from Indian novel and most of the people who acted in this movie are from India. Its a gr8 shame for all woods like bollywood,kollywood,tollywood etc,,,,

Especially the south indian directors should see this movie and try to learn how to write screen play.. and how to direct a movie,,,hope atleast by seeing this movie,,, some changes happens in the way , how movies are made in south India.

Finally its a must watch movie for director perarasu, other masala movie directors, actor vijay, shimbhu, and all masala movie hero’s. Atleast by seeing it,, they might start thinking something out of the box instead of directing and acting in same type of masala movies and irritate the audience and spoil the name of kollywood.

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  1. Sathish says:

    nice reading your blog. Do you feel you Indian directors are not fit to handle such a script. It’s not like that …we too had lots of excellent movies with some extraordinary screen play and which was praised all over the world. And afterall the Golden globe award and Oscar awards are for Hollywood films and they give very less importance for the other country movies. In that case also our movies entered the nomination every year.

    Do u say frankly , is this movie the ever best music of A.R.Rehman ? haven’t u heard any better music from him ? This films music was good …btu he have done more than this already several years back. Now he got recogonized bcos the movie was nominated for GGA and Oscar. Its same for rhe screen play also. The movie did well in the box office , so it was nominated.

    i go with your comments on the masala movie directors ….they should learn a lot. Not all the directors…we are upto the mark in most of the ways …only the bussiness fixes the way to go. Anyways i was most admired by the screen play , music and direction of this movie. Really a must movie to watch.

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