This movie was sudden pongal release,, and its released by sun pictures so naturally the promotion will be very high and expectations will be high and another important fact is that,its considered as competitor for vijay’s so called villu 🙂

After 2 hits namely thalainagaram and marudhamalai,, this time director suraj joins hands with dhanush and tried to come up with a story which has both mass and comedy in it. The story has nothing new in it,, as usual 2 big group of villains in andhara fighting against each other and in between the 2 roudy group our hero gets stuffed,, as usual in the climax hero fights with villains and win them:-)

For dhanush its not very difficult for him to act like un educated or ir responsible person,, its like cake walk for him,,so he did his job very well.. he have improved a lot in his acting and few dialogues seems to be overdose for his body size 🙂

Heroine Thamana showcased like barbie doll,, she too have improved in acting but have less scope to perform,, naturally in all masala movies heroines come for songs and padikathavan too not an exception 🙂

1 st half was usual dhanush movie with lot of comedy and it was good and fast but 2nd half was not up to mark,,and 2 nd was like seeing telegu movie,,,

vivek’s comedy is good after so many years but still he tried to imitate vadivelu,, comedy would have been better if vadivelu acted in this movie instead of vivek ,,

Music director failed to impress in both songs and re recording,,, first time songs are not good in dhanush movies 🙂

On the whole its a masala entertainer which can be seen once for the sake of comedy 🙂

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75 days

Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings : 60/100

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