kadhal na summa illa is a super hit telegu remake,,, infact its the less hyped movie for this pongal,, though it didnt carry any kind of pre-release hype,this movie will satisfy all audience. The story something new to the tamil industry. Rich guy falling in love with a middle class gal, due to some reason gal leaves the guy and goes far from him. The hero takes a journey to various places to find his gal. During his journey he learns what is life ? what is real need for human? etc etc,,,,

The movie is hardly 2 hours,,, no kind of normal usual stuff like punch dialogues,stunts etc can be noticed in this movie.Hero is new face,, i am not sure of his name,, but our ravi krishna acted as a theif and stole the entire show. Its a good come back for ravi krishna after few disaster movies,,,heroine kamalini mukerji have done her part well.

Few songs have telegu smell,, but still its good to hear,,,and few comedy characters like kanja karupu, MS baskar comes for limited scenes but again they did well and especially MS baskar’s scene was too good.

The only drawback is that suddenly the movie becomes very sentimental šŸ™‚ but again ravi krishna is there to rescue it šŸ™‚

Over all its a feel good movie which can be watched for this pongal. And people who are fed up after watching movies like villu and padikathavan should see this and make their heart to feel better šŸ™‚

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75 days

verdict: Above Average( it will be slow pick up and might turn out to be hit )

My ratings: 65/100

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