First of all congrats Dr vijay for giving hat trick flop(ATM,Kuruvi,Villu). Villu of the one of the most expected movie of 2009. Its remake of the movie soldier which was released in bollywood 10 years back. As for as story line is concerned,, there is nothing new,,as usual father being killed so son comes and takes revenge. This is the story what we see in tamil cinema for the past 50 years.


The intro scene of hero is so stupid,, vijay flying in air and landing in the ground after 30 seconds

Instead of imitating Rajni, for a change vijay imitated james bond.

vijay plays dual role it seems πŸ™‚

son vijay is in normal pokiri get up

but the father vijay is shown as major saravanan,actors like surya vishal etc worked out in gym for more days and changed their get up and portrayed them self as commando or police officer, but this idiot viay just kept a mustatch and wore commando dress and walked in the itro scene like the surya did in vaaranam ayyiram,thank got vaaranam ayyiram got released long back.

still vijay didnt stop doing extra oridinary stunts, this time for a change he tried out james bond stunds like flying in air when the areoplane is in motion and killing the villain in air and landing on the boat using parachute.

I think prabudheva wanted his movie to be mass like pokiri and class like billa but the final output is not mass or class ,, its bull shit.

and we can see billa’s resembelance in many places. After seeing ajith in billa using glass and coat and specially that stylish walk, its a gr8 comedy to see vijay trying out all those. and to be more specific in one particular scene vijay wore a yellow coat,brown phant,black glass and walked like billa with similar type of back ground music. that scene is the highlight of villu πŸ™‚

vadivelu’s comedy is the only relief for the movie but that too at times test our patience especially the comedy track between vadivelu and computer graphics generated bull is not necessary,, only god knows how much they spent for that scene.

nayanthara as usual used for bare skin show. no scope for her to act other than dancing in some 4 songs with costumes which doesnt even suit her. and make up was not proper,, face alone in one color and rest of the body is in another color πŸ™‚

villain prakashraj and co doesnt have any powerful role, they are so called villain’s walking here and there speaking punch dialoges

first half was ok and its normal vijay flim,, but second half is really bad and even fans coundnt sit inside the theatre,, it was like seeing documentry movie which is about patriotism πŸ™‚

lastΒ  15 mins fight was very long and notihg was impressive in climax

like in billa they used USB device to save the details of villains,, for a change in villu they used blue ray disc which can be read only using a particular eye glass, prabudeva iku manasula vijay a vachu hollywood movie direct panurom nu ninapu πŸ™‚

the screenplay was totally iritating,,, and confusing here and there,, i never expected this from prabudeva 😦

atleast songs will be good invijay movies but for the first time i saw people walking out of the theatre during the songs,,songs were not good and it had lot of telegu flavour πŸ™‚

i dont know what for kusbhoo danced with vijay in the intro song and spoiled her own image,, it was like brother and sister dancing together.

Ravi varman did a good job as usual but whats the use when the rest of the team failed to perfom????

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 125 days,,, as usual they will make it run in devi theatre and celebrate it by arranging a grand function and live telecast it in some channel,, idhu ellam oru polapa vijay?????

My ratings: 20/100 ( 10 for ravi varman and 10 for vadivelu)

verdict: flop

As i said early vijay have to better quit acting or else think something out of the box and come up with different type movie which has scope to act..he should stop thinking that his fans will accept what ever he does,there is limit for everything,,if he continues to do same type of movies again and again then people will never go for vijay movies.Β  audience are not so stupid to spend money to watch these kind of movies. All the best for your next venture and dont give one more hat trick flops:-)

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5 Responses to VILLU

  1. dei, it looks like a biased review da. Looks like a lot of personal anger has gone into while posting this πŸ˜‰ Anyway continue maadi.

  2. deepan100 says:

    its not biased review and all da, u itself watch the movie,,, then u will know abt it,, in face i censored few bad words,, or else it would have been so bad for public to read πŸ™‚

  3. sreenidhish says:

    heyy it may be ur opinion, but its not fair to use such words on a actor( actor ille than..vera word theriyale) in time scold indirectly..

  4. Dhanesh says:

    Review is funny πŸ™‚
    But being a blogger, try to be impartial.. That will help you to improve the people visit to your blog. Any ways Good One, thanks to Nachi for the reference.

  5. Sundaresh says:

    U r just proving tat u r a ajit fan…….Let not the movie makers read this and file a case on u πŸ™‚

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