sathyam- the most awaited movie starring vishal,,,promos, pics, trailer made the expectations very high but the sad thing is that it coundn’t stand up to the expectations . They have tried to take commercial police story like vikram’s saamy but they failed. As usual its tit for tat story with a mixture of comedy, songs and other commercial elements needed. Vishal’s body language is simply superb. His hard work in gym reflects in every scene,,he took 8 months to build that 6 packs ab’s but failed to concentrate on the story line and screen play. Nayanthara is the heroine,, tried a comical role but failed miserably :-(,, comedy sense should be in built and should come automatically in the required places but nayanthara doesnt have that comic sense,, so all the comedy scenes irritates the audience,, especially the comic scene which is for 15 mins is totally waste of time,,3 major villain’s in the movie,, but there is no link between the scene at many flaws in the screen play,, and the pre interval scene shot in airport is totally un belivable:-),,Harris jeyaraj too didnt live up to expectation.. songs were just ok,, and background music is a big disaster,,, cant even belive that he was the one who composed music for police stories like kaakha kaakha and vettaiadu villaidu. paal papali song tune is similar to the one which he composed for thotti jaya. As usual harris + bombay jaishree “chellema chellema ” song rocked,,its a visual treat for nayanthara fans:-) she looks so hot:-) and instead of dancing vishal poses as if he is taking part in boby building show. In the second half especially in the last 30 mins,, we can see only fighting scenes and all the stunts are artificial.


  1. vishal
  2. Rd rajsekar’s camera


  1. back ground music
  2. screen play
  3. no powerful story
  4. too many fights and villains

My Ratings:40/100

Verdict: Below Average

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 30 days

Vishal spent 8 months to build that 6 packs abs, in the climax he shaved his head too, and he took so much efforts for this flim, but he missed to concentrate on story line and screen play,, if he could have concentrated on that then sathyam would have been another kaakha kaakha but unfortunately inspite of taking so much of efforts it failed.

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