kuselan– super star movie released after 1 1/2 years,, its a remake of super hit malayalam movie,,,, though its a remake,, in tamil they have made lot of changes to suit the tamil audience and super star image. pasupathi is the main hero and as usual acted his part well, and rajni acted as super star itself, and he hardly comes for 20 minutes.its a one line story,, rajni and pasupathi are friends during school days,,, and they lose the contact after 10 std and rajni becomes super star and pasupathi becomes barber,,in the climax  rajni finds pasupathi. meena did a decent job,,, and nayanthara is used for songs alone and she harldly has one dialogue in the movie. and mamta too wasted .lot of small characters can be seen in the movie but all performed very well,,,especially livingston and vadivelu.and u cant find rajni doing style,speaking punch dialogues in this movie,and after so many years we can see rajni crying in a movie,, which makes the entire audience to feel.


  1. super star
  2. pasupathi
  3. vadivelu’s comedy
  4. aravind krishna’s camera


  1. very slow screen play
  2. songs misplaced in some places
  3. nayanthara and mamta wasted
  4. bit disappointing gv prakash music and back ground score

Expected No of Successful Run: 100 days as usual

verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:65/100

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