Dasavatharam is one of the movie which created hype right from the date of pooja(commencement) till the release,,, and its gr8 to see that it has lived upto the expectations. one line story explained beautifully with 10 kamal, t sunami etc,,,mind blowing performance by kamal as usual,, he almost lived as 10 different characters on the screen,,voice modulation , body language costume for each character was superb and no one can act in such characters other than kamal,, and the first 20 mins of the movie was terrific,,,ravivarman rocked as usual with his camera handling techniques,,we can see kamal’s hardwork in each and every scene,, hats off to him,, kollywood should be proud to have such actor. though there are 10 kamals,,, balram naidu stole the entire show with his gr8 comic sense,,special mention should be made about the climax stunt scene,, it was amazing,,and asin as usual had a small role to play and she excelled in her part though at times her dialouges looks irritating,,music by himesh and back ground by devi sri prassad was gr8. Tsunami graphics was good ,,but still it could have done better.


  • kamal,, kamal ,,, kamal
  • stunts
  • visual affects
  • back ground score and music
  • and almost everything


  • There was too many dialogues in english which cant be understood by B and C center people , they could have done something to overcome that.
  • And its difficult for B and C center people to understand about bio chemical weapon and its effects and many wont know what is NACL which is used to overcome the effect of that bio chemical weapon.
  • malika sherawath wasted 😦

Expected no.of days: 10 days for each kamal , so its 100 days minimum:-)

My ratings: 10 marks for each kamal so its 100/100

verdict: Block Buster


Dr kamal have struggled hard for almost 2 years to come up with gr8 movie,,and he have lifted the tamil cinema to next level.it was like seeing hollywood movie dubbed in tamil. its doing gr8 in telegu and hindi too. still i find some people spreading unnecessary rumors about the movie without seeing it ,, so all those people keep u r mouth shut.:-)

As i said early tamil cinema have reached gr8 hights,, so all other actors please be sincere and come up with different movies like this and keep up the name,, and dont summa come with 5 songs 2 fights movie and spoil u r name as well tamil cinema industry.if u cant do it then better quit from tamil cinema and sleep peacefully in home.

once again a big thanks for Dr kamal for coming out with gr8 movie,,

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