Block buster hit Ghilli team is back with kuruvi,, but never expected such a masala crap from dharani, story wise there is nothing new and many scenes are un wanted like introduction car race scene(20 mins) and unnecessary punch dialogues opposing a leading race hero. Driving race car by biting accelerator wire is too much. As usual there was one song after winning the race. malavika was wasted in that song,, but dace steps was cool. For conducting outdoor shoot, they have chosen malasyia and as usual they showed all the places which was shown through out the movie in Billa. Trisha as usual used for songs alone and she have become fat, face looks horrible, and romance between trisha and vijay is silly and it tests audience patience only, first half was just ok only because of vivek’s comedy. the pre interval scenes made the audience fool,, in a particular scene vijay will fly like eagle and catch the train going in full speed and the highlight is the distance between train and bridge will be more than 150 meter’s. second half was horrible,, the director didnt know how to move the story in the second half,, 2 nd half is full of fights and 2 songs placed in wrong position,, Three gr8 villains wasted just like that,, and in so many places we can find the smell of telegu movie. last 40 mins full of fights which makes the audience to leave the theatres before the movie gets over.

some similarities between ghilli and kuruvi:

ghilli                 Kuruvi

1) kabadi player—– car racer

2) intro song after winning kabadi —- intro song after winning car race

3) trisha doesnt like her marriage and run away with vijay—-similar scene with same costume for vijay but for a change trisha changed from half saree to some modern dress

4) appadi podu—- mollu mollunu

and the list continues.


1) vivek’s comedy

2) vijay’s dance


1) old story

2) irritating second half

3) other than 2 songs the rest of the songs are waste.

4) stunts

5) flying in air like super man

Expected No of days of successful run: 20 days but they will make it run for minimum 100 days as usual.

my ratings: 40/100

verdict: below average.

kind request to Dr vijay :-):

vijay sir ,, for how many more years u r gonna act in masala movies like this,, one or two movies might click and all the movies wont do wonder’s to u,,director’s like bala, amir, shankar, vasantha balan,vishunu vardhan, mani rathnam, kamal hassan, goutham menon  etc are trying to take tamil cinema to next level and have similar standards of bollywood,, so better think and act according to it,, or sit in u r home till mahesh babu movie becomes hit in telegu,, u just get the remake rights and act in it without changing the costumes like shirt , jeans etc and make it as block buster hit.Pls stop talking too much of punch dialogues like vijaykanth and if u continue to do stunts like this then u r competitor will be telegu hero bala krishna. All the best for u r next venture.

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3 Responses to KURUVI

  1. praba says:

    super song.very very super.

  2. anna good film reviews.

  3. arun says:

    very nice but its not hit y?

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