After a big hit polladhavan dhanush is back with yearadi nee mohini,,its usual love story with lot of emotions and feelings,,its a cake walk for dhanush as he is expert in acting in ir responsible guy who dont have any work other than roaming streets during day time and drink beer in night,,after seeing nayanthara in glamour dress in Billa , its a big treat for audience to see her dressed in salwar and half saree’s,, she looked simply superb and bubbly.raghuvaran as strict father ruled the entire first half,,and special mention should be made about the second heroine who comes in the second half as nayanthara’s sister,, that small gal  has bright future,dhanush+ yuvan combo rocked as usual especially venmegam and yengeyo partha nayabagam songs was too good,dialogues was very powerful and lively,being selvaragavan’s story ,, the movie would have come better if he himself directed the movie instead of new debt director jawahar.

almost everything


slow screen play

expected no of days of successful run :100 days

my rating: 70/100

verdict: hit

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3 Responses to YARADI NEE MOHINI

  1. Subramani says:

    first sightla vara love, kappi love thaan nee solra mathiri irukkum. Unmaiyaana love vaazhum. Somba mathiri ularaama poi velaya paaru… Roadla pora ponna ellam love panna ipdi thaan. Kathal ❤ inga irunthu varanum, sariya?

  2. Sam says:

    In the film, there are several places where anomaly is found. when we shoot a film with the afore said subject, then it should be meaningful, like it should be possible if one imagined the circumstances.

    The movie is mainly based on a pure HINDU family girl involved with a outsider. In the later part its found that the hero is closely mingled with the family. He is found entertaining the family, taking people to outing and etc.,. first of all no real HINDU family will allow a stranger to stay in the house where females also live. Is it right or wrong, thats not the point, that is how they live and thats in vogue. In the closing of the movie, the heroine interacts with the female just before wedding. This is something unusual, it will rarely happen. May be the director should proceed it in this way.

    Any good cultured person (HERO) should not attend the marriage of her fiance if its arranged with some one. But the HERO stayed all to the end and this makes heroine perturbed. he simply played with her emotions.

    The movie end can be scripted in this way, HERO should have left the place well before the wedding. His absence should create a vacuum in her mind. Then she or the HERO’s friend should make the both ends meet properly.

    here the nature of love is more described as a physical attraction, which is not true. It must be something that should be felt. Even the love at first should be turned to ever lasting love.

    PS: Readers, forgive me if im wrong any where. its just my opinion not conclusion. The movie story is good, but not delivered properly.

  3. deepan100 says:

    thanks a lot sam for sending u r comments ,,, its really nice and i accept it. but when it comes to cinema,, ppl need some sort of entertainment so some masala should be here and there to make the audience to be happy

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