prakash raj and pritivi raj combo is back in vellithirai after mega block buster movie called mozhi, as usual there was lot of expectaions for this movie, but it couldn’t fully satisfy it. This movie shows whats really happening in cine industry and the sufferings of director and side artist’s. First half was perfect but second half was exactly opposite to it and climax part alone is good and they have tried out something different. prakash raj dominated in most of the scenes and it spoiled the entire screenplay.Music not up to the level and unwanted songs placed in so many places which again spoiled the screen play. Guest appearance of sandhya, trisha and jeyam ravi didnt add any kind of impact to the movie but still its a different try.Gopika’s character plot was not clear and as usual she hadrly comes for few scenes and disappears.


  1. prakash raj in few scenes
  2. first half
  3. climax scenes( last 20 mins)
  4. dialogues


  1. second half
  2. irritation in the name of comedy by M.S Baskar
  3. prakash raj in many scenes and songs
  4. songs and back ground music not up to level

Expected days of successful run: 50 days

verdict: above average

my ratings: 50/100

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One Response to vellithirai

  1. Bodkg says:

    favorited this one, brother

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