sadhu miranda


The title of the movie is different, simillarly the movie’s story line is different and impressive, after giving big hits like friends and engal anna in tamil, sidique managed to maintain his name in this movie, in the opening scene 2 guys rob 20 crores from a bank, and the whole story lies on the robbery and  the suspense is maintained till the last minute and screenplay is executed well.But the director didnt concentrate on artist selection , heroine kavya madavan looks like aunt of hero prasana,irritating songs acted as speed breaker both in first half and second half. comedy track is similar to that of vadivelu’s comedy track in friends movie.Anyway when compared to all the movies which released in 2008 , this movie is 1000 times better than the rest.


1) prasana’s acting

2) fast screen play

3) different story line

4) few comedy scenes

5) suspense maintained till the climax


1) songs

2) M.S Baskar ‘s comedy track

3) no proper artist selection

4) few scenes repeated so many times.

My ratings:65/100

Verdict:above average

expected no of days of successfull run: 50 days

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