After a big disaster named vallavan simbhu is back with kaalai. There is nothing new in the storyline,,, its normal revenge taking stuff, as usual the first half revolves in city and flashback scenes in village. I think the director tarun gopi still didn’t forget his previous movie thimiru, few characters in thimiru are repeated in kaalai too but by different artists.The director tried something new in screenplay style,but nothing worked out instead it just created lot of confusions in so many places.The worst scene in the movie is the shimbu ‘s intro scene, in which he will fly 20 feet above the ground.Director sir pls do remember that there is something called gravitational force so its not at all possible to fly in air just like that for few mins.Heroine vedika dont have anything to do in the movie,she hardly comes for few scenes and 3 songs.sangeetha too wasted in the movie and in the full movie she will speak only on phone and her slang is similar to sherya reddy’s slang in thimiru movie.santhanam is the comedian and the comedies are mere waste and irritates the audience.songs too not up to the level, only two songs are good and the rest are totally waste.simbhu pls take care while selecting story,we expect another manmadhan from you and not these kind of useless movies.Tarun gopi pls forget the success formula of thimiru first and try to do something new and different and dont stick on with u r previous movie formula.


  1. cinematography
  2. simbhu’s dance


  1. confusing screenplay
  2. same old story line
  3. dragging flashback scenes
  4. hero’s intro scene and unnecessary build up for the hero
  5.  unnecessary punch dialogues like nee polladhavan and naan keetavan etc 🙂


Expected number of  successful days of run:25 days.

My rating:30/100.

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2 Responses to Kaalai

  1. rsriram says:

    u have given 30, it looks like our semester’s score da.. loose,
    give rating of 10. or 5.. periya cine crtic nu ninapu,..

  2. mukki mothi kastapattu oru valiya blog aarambichitta. Good. Keep going. Cinema va thavira vera ethavathu irunthalum adiakalaam.

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