Finally after two years the much awaited film bheema got released for this pongal. But the sad news is that it couldn’t live up to the expectations which had before the release. The story is nothing new but the usual war between two gangs and finally one gang wins but in bheema for a change both the gang dies and that is the only difference. There are many logical flaws in the story and screenplay. Right from the starting scene till the movie ends we can hear only the sound of gun shots. Almost 80 % of the movie contains only fight scenes, but all the stunt sequences are really good. As usual for the heroine (Trisha), no importance is given and she hardly comes for few scenes and for 4 songs. Though she looks hot but something was wrong in her face make up. They tried out different voice modulation for trisha but it didn’t work out. Few scenes resembles kaakha kaakha and the worst part is harris jeyaraj didn’t concentrate on re- recording and back ground music. There are 2 or 3 comedy scenes but nothing was upto the mark. Having big giants like vikram, am rathnam, rd rajasekar, antony,harris jeyaraj etc director lingusamy could have done better than this.

Plus (+)

  1.   Vikram
  2.   Stunt sequence
  3.   Songs
  4.   Cinematography


  1. Comedy
  2. Re recording of harris jeyaraj
  3. Love story of prakash raj
  4. Wasted super hit “ena thuruya “ song
  5.  Same old story and the climax message is similar to the one which we have already seen pattiyal movie.
  6.  Raguvaran ‘s character is not portrayed properly

Expected number of days of successful run- 50 days.

Verdict: Above Average

My rating: 60/100

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